Đakovački Vezovi

Đakovački vezovi is a well known and established event of original folklore. The first Đakovački vezovi Festival was held on 2 and 3 July 1967 as a touristic and cultural event marking the International Tourist Year. Dr. Zvonimir Benčević gave the incentive to establish the Festival, and the first edition of the Festival was already a great success among the people of Slavonia and others.

Đakovo - Heart of Slavonija

The first written account of the name Đakovo dates from 1239 in the document signed by Bela IV King of Hungary and Croatia, donating the properties Đakovo and Brezna to Bishop Ponsa. According to some research, this area was inhabited as early as the Neolithic, and the Roman settlement Certissia was built in this area. 8 MAY, THE DAY OF THE TOWN OF ĐAKOVO



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