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Pansion “Croatia – Turist”

The boarding house “Croatia-Turist” is located in the heart of Slavonia, Đakovo, in the Town’s centre, 200 m from the St. Peter Cathedral.

The beautiful Strossmayer Park is located opposite of the boarding house, the proximity of which creates a special atmosphere for the guests.

The founder and owner of this accommodation unit is Mr. Ivan Balog, known as the oldest hospitality business owner in the Osijek-Baranja County.

Croatia-Turist takes great pride in its tradition and service and has had the pleasure and honour to host high officials and famous people.

Petra Preradovića 25, 31 400 Đakovo

Tel.: +385 (0)31 813 391

Fax: +385 (0)31 814 063



Pansion “Laguna”

Towns acquire their charm and the affection of their visitors by extraordinary endeavours which attract local inhabitants as well as the inhabitants of a wider area to the places which become a permanent attraction.

The boarding house Laguna is located in the Town’s centre. All of the important locations in the Town are just a short walk away: the old part of the town and the St Peter Cathedral, the State Stud Farm, tennis courts – everything you need for a pleasant and memorable stay in Đakovo.

When you visit a city and want to experience its features, you should pay special attention to its accommodation and gastronomic offer. If you ever visit Đakovo, you should visit the boarding house and restaurant LAGUNA in the Town’s centre. You should not be surprised to find a boarding house and restaurant that meets even the highest international standards in a small town with an offer and atmosphere which will inspire you to visit again.

Stjepana Radića 17, 31 400 Đakovo

Tel.: +385 (0) 31 821 634

Mob: +385 (0) 98 463 907


Pansion “Budimir”

The famous travel writer Matko Peić wrote “You cannot get pampered anywhere as you can in Đakovo, the heart of Slavonia”. He surely did not exaggerate, because everyone who visited Đakovo knows it to be true. Visitors will experience it if they choose to stay at the boarding house Budimir located amidst pristine nature at the Town’s entrance. One of the reasons which should convince you to visit is the peaceful and warm atmosphere. In addition to high quality accommodation service, this boarding house organizes formal and informal events, and is equipped with sports facilities for tennis, football, volleyball, an indoor sauna and a wooden watchtower.

Nikole Tesle 90 A, 31 400 Đakovo

Tel.: +385 (0) 31 497 860