Oneology and gastronomy

NaslovnaOneology and gastronomy


A special gastronomic tradition is nurtured in Đakovo as well as the whole region of Slavonia. For years, the inhabitants of this region have preserved traditional dish

es, in which they take great pride nowadays. Kulen, ham, sausages, bacon and čvarci became bran

ds and a gastronomic delight, which every guest should experience. The traditional manufacturing method of these delicacies contributes to their originality and

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distinguishes Đakovo and the Đakovština area as gastronomic jewels.

The Association of Kulen Manufacturers “Đakovački kulin” is the guardian of this tradition in Đakovo and is one of the biggest associations of this kind in the Republic of Croatia.

Gingerbread, šape, paprenjaci, poppy seed roll, walnut roll, scones and salenjaci are only some of the traditional sweets from Slavonia, whose flavours and aromas remind older people of their childhood and invite young people to taste old specialties. The typical Slavonian table has always been characterized by abundance, and this feature has been preserved until today.

Traditional dishes are served at various events in order to preserve the traditional gastronomic offer.

The gastronomic offer is completed by other types of restaurants and pizzerias with a rich gastronomic offer.


Wine connoisseurs have enjoyed the wines of the Đakovo wine region for more than two thousand years. The story about viticulture of this area has been developing ever since. The beginnings of the winemaking and viticulture tradition of the Diocese Đakovo-Osijek can be traced back to the Pre-Ottoman period. After the liberation from the Turks, Bishop Petar Bakić restored the winemaking tradition by planting vineyards in Trnava, and Bishop Josip Čolnić expanded them. Bishop Antun Mandić established the vineyards in Mandićevac, on the slopes of Krndija, and Bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer built the wine cellars in Trnava and Mandićevac. Centuries passed, lords came and went, but the famous, acclaimed, and premium quality wines of the Đakovo wine region have outlasted these events. Thousands of years of continuity guarantee a high and continuous wine quality of the Đakovo wine region, but the numerous awards from international wine fairs are an even more valuable and solid affirmation of the high quality of these wines. Visit the wine-tourist road “Mandićevac” and the wine-tourist road “Zlatarevac” in Trnava and choose from a wide range of wines and enjoy the experience.