The first thing any visitor sees are the two towers and the dome of the most beautiful cathedral in the area between Venice and Istanbul. These are the most elevated points of Đakovo and they provide a spectacular view of the whole Town and its surrounding area with fields touching the sky at the horizon.

The Town of Đakovo is located in the heart of the historic region Slavonia in the eastern part of Croatia. Đakovo is located in the central, most beautiful part of Slavonia, on a plateau at 111 metres above sea level.

According to the 2011 Census, the Town of Đakovo has a population of 27,745. The aforementioned number encompasses the Town, as an administrative unit, and its surrounding villages Piškorevci, Budrovci, Đurđanci, Kuševac, Ivanovci, Široko Polje, Novi Perkovci, and Selci, ranking it as the 19th Croatian town by population, and the second largest town in the Osijek-Baranja County. The Town of Đakovo has an area of 173 square kilometres and its 30,000 inhabitants preserve its tradition and heritage with utmost care.


Change in population of the Town of Đakovo after the Second World War:


1953. 9.573
1961. 12.077
1971. 15.987
1981. 18.105
1991. 20.317
2001. 20.912
2011. 19.491

Geographical location of the Town:

North latitude 45º 31′
East longitude 18º 41′
Elevation 111 m
Area 170 km2