Monument of the Sacred Father John Paul II

The monument is located in the courtyard of the Bishop’s Palace and depicts the Sacred Father wearing a mitre and holding a cross. It is carved out of a huge driftwood oak trunk recovered from the Sava River. The oak trunk was donated by the family of Mr. Slavko Lukač from Vrpolje, and three sculptors of the Ernestinovo Sculptor Colony – Mato Tijardović, Siniša Tešankić and Ivan Matović Lasta – carved the sculpture weighing 2.5 tons and 2.5 metres high.

Monument of Bishop Strossamayer

The monument of Bishop J.J. Strossmayer was made by the sculptor Marijan Sušec, according to the model of Robert Valdec. It was installed in 1999 across the Cathedral of St Peter.


The Berda Monument

In 2002 the Berda sculpture was erected for Šime Vidulin, depicting the berda musical instrument, made out of white stone and located at the entrance of the Strossmayer Park.


The Strossmayer Park

This famous park was built in the first half of the 19th century. It is the “lungs of the town” as well as the venue of the festival Đakovački vezovi with its stage and amphitheatre shaped auditorium located there, and the place of the first romantic encounters of many generations. Even though the Park bears the name of Bishop Strossmayer, it was built by Bishop Mirko Emerik Raffay. This Park is a protected park architecture monument.

Monument of Luka Botić

The bronze statue of Luka Botić is located at the beginning of the Korzo promenade. It was installed during the spring of 2013 and it was made by academic sculptor Marijan Sušac. The statue is a donation from the Benašić spouses to commemorate the 150th anniversary of this famous author’s death.


The Bist of Stjepan Radić

The bust of Stjepan Radić was placed in front of the building of the Municipal Court in 2008.

The Monument of the Croatian War of Independence

To commemorate the fallen soldiers of Đakovština, in 2001 a monument was installed at Vijenac kardinala Stepinca, the work of academic sculptor Petar Barišić and architect Berislav Martinović, which received the Vladmir Nazor award in 2002 and is, according to many, one of the most beautiful monuments commemorating the War of Independence in Croatia.


The Monument “Slavonian Mother”

The monument of a “Slavonian Mother praying and mourning” is located in the recently renovated town’s cemetery. The monument is commemorating Croatian soldiers who fought in the Croatian War of Independence. The monument is the work of Ivan Križanac, a sculptor from Vinkovci.

It depicts a Slavonian woman in traditional costume which kneels in prayer for her son killed in combat, and faces the Stations of the Cross. It symbolizes an ordinary woman, whose contribution to her homeland was the most valuable one – the lives of her children.


The Sculpture of Ivo Lola Ribar

The sculpture of Ivo Lola Ribar dating from 1952 is located in the Small Park (Mali Park), the work of academic sculptor Tomo Rosandić. This sculpture is a protected culture monument.

”Peace in Heaven”

The sculpture entitled “Peace in Heaven”, the work of Israeli sculptor born in Vinkovci Dina Merhav, was installed in 2013 at the Jewish cemetery. The sculpture is made of iron and consists of the Star of David and a tree of life; it symbolizes life and the embranchment of the Jewish people.