Restaurant ”Slavonica” – Hotel Đakovo

The cosy atmosphere of the restaurant and cafe attracts guests who wish to conduct their meetings with business partners or friends in a pleasant environment. The gastronomic and wine offer of the hotel is characterized by Slavonian cuisine, but other domestic and international specialties are offered as well. The chef’s choices are highly recommended and the kitchen staff will prepare dishes bearing the name of the town, filled with homemade sausage, kulen and fresh cow’s milk cheese.

The restaurant takes great pride in the diversity of fish specialties made with fish caught in the nearby lakes. The guests may choose from the daily menu as well: Slavonian shepherd’s stew (čobanac), fish, homemade strudels, etc.

Nikole Tesle 52

31 400 Đakovo

Tel:+ 385 (0)31 840 570

Hotel “Blaža” Restaurant

Hotel Blaza

The restaurant of the Hotel “Blaža” offers the hotel’s guests and other guests a broad range of dishes and drinks fully adapted to their taste and medical or religious dietary requirements.

The Slavonian cuisine has a very long and rich tradition, Hotel “Blaža” enriches it with its experienced staff and their love for the region and attention to the guests.

In addition to traditional Slavonian dishes, the hotel offers its guest a variety of international dishes.

Ante Starčevića 158

31 400 Đakovo

Tel: +385 (0)31 816 760

Restaurant and wine shop Sokak


Restaurant Sokak maintains a recognizable Slavonian style, visible in its offer of autochthonous dishes and traditional interior design. The restaurant organizes parties, celebrations, banquets and catering. Often, especially at weekends, tambura players perform live in the restaurant. The restaurant is located near the Town centre and parking spaces are available for the guests. The guests can relax and enjoy the offer of the restaurant “Sokak” – its pleasant atmosphere inspired by tradition, dishes prepared following grandparents’ recipes, the performance of tambura virtuosos, a rich offer of wines, which rounds up the restaurant’s offer.


Augusta Šenoe 40

31 400 Đakovo

Tel: +385 (0)31 820 332

Restaurant ”Croatia turist”

Domestic and international cuisine specialties are offered in the pleasant ambience of the restaurant. Guests can choose from a variety of dishes: cold appetizers, soups, pre-prepared dishes, à la carte dishes, barbecue dishes, fish dishes, vegetarian dishes, salads, desserts. The restaurant organizes celebrations, such as wedding, baptismal, first communion, and confirmation receptions, luncheons, engagement parties, etc.

Petra Preradovića 25

31 400 Đakovo

Tel: +385 (0)31 813 391


Restaurant ”Laguna”

When you visit a town and want to experience everything it has to offer, you should pay special attention to its gastronomic offer. If you visit Đakovo, you should visit the restaurant Laguna in the very centre of the Town. Do not be surprised to find such a restaurant in a small town, which is decorated according to the highest international standards, with a gastronomic offer that intrigues connoisseurs and an atmosphere that will invite you to visit again.

“Slavonska koliba” is open to all guests who appreciate original Slavonian cuisine and rustic interiors. Have a nice time in good company and enjoy the high-quality service at a good price of food and drinks.

Stjepana Radića 17

31 400 Đakovo

Tel: +385 (0)31 821 634


Restaurant ”Sorriso”

It is a great honour and pleasure to be able to introduce oneself as the team behind the restaurant that regards gastronomy as an art form, which has advanced in every aspect of food preparation and serving.

Dishes atypical for this region are served, and if you want to experience international cuisine (Mediterranean, German, and Italian) as well as original Slavonian cuisine, then you are in the right place.

You do not have to look any further, here, in the heart of Slavonia, you can experience the gastronomic allure of the restaurant and you will remember every visit to its unique and contemporary interior. The restaurant organizes all types of celebrations.

Pape Ivana Pavla II 5

31 400 Đakovo

Tel: +385 (0)31 625 501

Restaurant ”Verona”

Visit the restaurant Verona where you will experience authentic Slavonian cuisine and the allure of the region. Its modern interior contributes to the pleasant atmosphere. The chef will ensure that you are pleased with Slavonian specialties and the diverse wine offer from wine regions of Slavonia, Dalmatia and Istria will please even the most critical guests. The restaurant organizes baptismal, first communion, confirmation and wedding receptions, engagement parties, anniversary celebrations, etc. at good prices.

Catering Verona is a restaurant with a modern interior, offering the most delicious dishes in town at any time of day and night. So far the restaurant has been delivering food to its customers, but now the guests can visit and expect top-quality service of professional staff.


Joze Ivakića 16

31 400 Đakovo

Tel:+ 385 (0)31 812 313

Pizzeria ”Slavonija”

Pizzeria “Slavonija” offers a cosy ambience, as well as top-quality food and service. The friendly staff is always at the guests’ service. The waiters will gladly recommend dishes, paying special attention to your wishes. “Slavonija” is a pizzeria with a long tradition and a place where the dedicated staff provides excellent service and the combination of traditional and modern cuisine is nurtured.

Bana Jelačića 47

31 400 Đakovo

Tel: +385 (0)31 814 494


Bistro Mon -  Ami

Bistro “Mon – Ami” is one of the best destinations in the Town’s centre. The restaurant has a rich gastronomic offer with the aim of pleasing the palate of every guest. The offer includes traditional Slavonian breakfast, meat platters, steaks, salads and pizzas. This is an indoor restaurant, where guests can enjoy their meals in a charming ambience, decorated with rustic wooden benches and tables.

Luke Botića 12

31 400 Đakovo

Tel: +385 (0)31 821 477


Grill Adrian 

Grill “Adrian” has a tradition of 18 years and is known for its high-quality barbeque dishes. This level of quality and fresh meat is guaranteed by the famous Vrhovac butcher shop which has been cooperating with the restaurant since its opening. The restaurant is located near the Cathedral and the newly renovated premises can receive up to 40 guests, making it suitable for small celebrations or groups of tourists. The restaurant also has a parking lot for its guests. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of Grill “Adrian” at the following address: Splitska 2a, Đakovo. Phone: +385 (0) 31 814 331.

Splitska 2A

31 400 Đakovo

Tel: +385 (0)31 814 331